Landlord Representation

Successful Landlords have as part of their team, committed real estate professionals bringing strong market knowledge, broker relationships and great marketing ideas to the project in order to secure not only tenants, but the right tenants with the right economics maximizing your ROI. 

At Fluhr CRE, we approach every deal as if we are placing the tenant in our own asset.  We work hard to provide detailed Analysis to determine if each deal meets your investment goals and objectives.  We value long term relationships and want you to be economically satisfied with your tenant mix. 

Professional commercial property management by Fluhr CRE is directed by the undivided desire to improve and maximize asset value for you the owner. We are a full service brokerage company offering Portfolio Management which services the lease agreements during the occupancy and Asset Management for the physical building and grounds.  If you simply need a local presence to meet a contractor or full service property management, Fluhr CRE is ready to assist.

Fluhr CRE has successfully managed the planning, budgeting, logistics, on-site management and administration of tenant build-outs into the millions of dollars.   Whether it’s a Class A Office project or a State of the Art Data Center, we approach each project with the same high standard of quality, commitment and discipline.  To date, we've not missed one budget or schedule.