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Our goal at Fluhr Commercial Real Estate is to be your real estate expert.  We study the real estate market, the latest trends and build relationships with service providers, all so you can keep your company on track and find savings for your bottom line.  Why take the chance on making an expensive, regrettable long-term mistake.  Let Fluhr CRE professionally represent your interests by finding the perfect location and by negotiating the most favorable terms on your behalf.   

We provide strategic Transaction Management that align your real estate needs with your key business objectives.  We're happy to drive the entire negotiation and transaction process delivering proven results that meet or exceed your goals and objectives.  Fluhr CRE will work with your transition team to identify real estate requirements, expansion and contraction opportunities, and areas of cost reduction. We then deliver transaction recommendations that have been tailored specifically for your organization.

Location, Location, Location has been the mantra of Site Selection forever.  But finding the perfect new site for a move or expansion is not as simple as repeating it three times.  It’s about data.  At Fluhr CRE, we research each selected site through a variety of lenses such as, Landlord history, economic incentives, electrical & fiber connectivity infrastructure, transportation logistics, labor resources, employment taxes and other key indicators which can give you a powerful advantage over the competition.


Whether an office, pharmaceutical distribution, or state of the art data center, Fluhr CRE can also help you with expert advise and provide technical solutions for your Space Planning needs.  Our local team have created some of the most sophisticated efficient layout designs and we would be happy to offer those services as needed.